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Twilight, Cats, Tot..

I'm writing this right now because I'm desperately trying not to read Twilight fan reviews, which I've already failed at a few times tonight. LOL
So, I don't have anything of much interest to say. LOL

I really want to see this movie!
Damn this little town for being so behind the times! LOL
I can't even get away to go to the city any time soon.
So I wait, and be jealous, and try hard not to read the fan reviews. LOL
Not that going to the city is an ideal thing.
I've made the mistake of going to Winnipeg to see a movie on opening night once.
Not my idea of a good time. LOL
We were gated off, had absolutely no personal space.
Standing room only for over three hours.
Yet some brilliant people dressed as Pirates (that's right, I said Pirates) decided to stage a sword fight.
Nobody got hurt, but it still was not a very pleasant experience, considering I'm slightly claustrophobic. LOL..

My cats are destroying the house. LOL
I don't know what it is tonight but they're all hyper as shit, even the 18-year-old! LOL
One of the many downsides of no longer having horses, no hay in the barn.
And it's cold out now so they're all inside, all seven of them.
Just so I don't seem like quite as much of a "Crazy Cat Lady", only two of them weren't originally barn cats. LOL
They just all adopted the house once Jay passed away.

My niece is really getting into the pretend/imaginative stage.
It's quite cute, she's always wanting to sing and perform.
She loves doing the weather. LOL
I'm not entirely sure how she got into that but its pretty adorable, if I do say so myself! LOL
She's growing so fast, it seems like yesterday when I was watching her being born.
Yes, I got to be in the room, my sisters doctor was great!

I'm glad I got to be in there.
My sisters boyfriend was a bit of a tool, sorry but it's true.
He got his friends to come visit him, bring him food.
He ate it in front of her too, how inconsiderate.
He just sat there like a bump on a log reading his truck magazine all day, he barely said two words to her.
And it was not a short labor, especially considering she was induced.

Yes, time flies.
She's four now.
I can't believe it!

Anyways. LOL
I had a lot to say about nothing.
I should do this more often.
It's very therapeutic, and it kills time. LOL
If you've read this far, I'm sorry. LOL
But I hope you enjoyed my ramblings. LOL

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