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I'm half asleep, and I am wide awake. This habit is always so hard to break...

First of all: NEW LAYOUT! :D
I'm not entirely done tweaking it yet, but, yeah. Yay. LOL It's only been a year. Well, a week or two short of a year. It was time.

Anywho, with changing my layout I decided to clean my profile a bit, maybe even add something. We'll see how lazy I get. LOL
I'm going to be doing a bit of a friend cut -yeah, I realize that sounds fucked up considering I rarely comment lately (sorry, I'm really going to try harder)- nothing major, mostly deleting the deleted accounts and people I never talk to. However, if we don't talk and you still want to say just let me know. :)
And I'm getting rid of the movies on my personal journal, they're still up at twispammers though.

Also, I'm going to go friends only after the cut/clean. I'm too fucking paranoid of creepers, mostly real life people that know my account name.
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